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NIH Scoring
Dr. Don Sens, Professor of Pathology at the University of South Dakota and Co-Director of the Professional Development Core, describes the NIH review process which includes scoring, percentiles, resubmission, and recent trends.
NIH, scoring, percentiles, overall impact, study section, resubmission, peer review, early stage investigator, A0, A1,
Professional Development Core

Understanding the New NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy
Anna Simonson, Health Sciences & Research Services Librarian at USD discusses the new NIH Data Management and Sharing policy and how it might impact you and your future research funding. Attached are sample policy statements and resources.
data management and sharing policy, NIH, research, data,
USD Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan Training (continued)
Dr. Anna Simonson (Health Sciences & Research Services Librarian; USD), Melinda Robinson (Director of the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs; USD), and Marc Guilford (Human Subjects Director; USD) continue discussing the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan including templates, common questions, and explanations. This event covers every element of the plan including a helpful tool for writing and managing DMS plans. The first section covers large data storage services at USD with the Research Computing Group.
DMSP, NIH, Data Management, Open Science, Sharing,
USD ORSP and USD University Libraries

Writing for Publication
The DaCCoTA’s Professional Development Core (PDC) and Pilot Projects Program (PPP) in cooperation with the University of North Dakota’s (UND) Chester Fritz Library and School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) proudly present a webinar on article publication. Topics include defining scholarly journals, choosing the right journal for your publication, avoiding rejection, addressing criticism, and an overview of tools. Brittany Fischer is a scholarly communications and social sciences librarian at UND’s Chester Fritz Library. She holds a Master of Library Science degree. Devon Olson is a research and education librarian at UND’s SMHS Library Resources. She holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree and is a member of the Association of Health Information Professionals.
publication, scholarly journal, peer review, open journal, writing,
Professional Development Core, Pilot Projects Program, University of North Dakota Chester Fritz Library and School of Medicine & Health Sciences (SMHS)

Open Researcher and Contributor IDentifier (ORCID) Overview
Want to save time and increase discoverability for you and your research? ORCID, which stands for Open Researcher and Contributor IDentifier, is a free, unique, persistent identifier that can assist you with both. This webinar will help you set up an account and better understand how you can benefit from having an ORCID iD. The speaker is Anna Simonson, who is the Health Sciences & Research Services Librarian at USD. We will conclude with Q&A.
Open Researcher and Contributor IDentifier, ORCID, database, articles, publishing
USD Office of Research & Sponsored Programs and USD Library

Introduction to Open Science
The University of South Dakota Graduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement (USD G-RISE) in cooperation with the Dakota Community Collaborative on Translational Activity (DaCCoTA) Professional Development Core (PDC) proudly present a webinar discussing open science. Open Science is a movement to make scientific research transparent and accessible through sharing and collaboration. Through making science transparent and accessible, science will have increased integrity and reproducibility. Dr. Sean Grant is a Research Associate Professor in the HEDCO Institute for Evidence-Based Educational Practice at the University of Oregon. His scholarship focuses on the generation, synthesis, and use of evidence across the social, behavioral, and health sciences. He specializes in methods for summarizing research and expert opinion on the effectiveness and implementation of interventions (practices, programs, and policies). The goal of Dr. Grant's scholarship is to advance evidence-based practice: i.e., using scientific evidence to inform policy-making and programmatic decisions.
open science, pre-registered studies, pre-registration, norms, Sean Grant, University of Oregon, open data, open protocol,
Professional Development Core

NIH Mock Peer Review: Scenarios
A mock NIH peer review featuring scenarios that may arise. Also includes a promo on the NIH Early Career Reviewer Program. Host-Christian Buresh SRO- Savannah Macias-Daugherty Chair-Jamie Scholl Program Officer- Miranda Leitheiser Assigned Reviewers #1- Dr. Lee Baugh #2- Dr. Paola Vermeer #3- Christian Buresh #4- Dr. Estelle Leclerc #5- Cassy Garry #6- Kent Ripplinger #7- Dr. Mark Williamson #8- Sue Thompson #9- Nikki Voigt
NIH, mock, peer review, early career reviewer program, chair, scientific review officer, SRO, program officer, PO,
Professional Development Core

Online courses on data science and cognitive computing
Data Science, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Free Learning, Online Courses, Python, Hadoop, Machine Learning, IBM, SQL, Big Data, Programming, Cognitive Class, R for Data Science, Javascript, Python for Cryptocurrency, HTML and CSS, Data Science for Everyone, Data Analytics, Programming for Engineers, Deep Learning Courses, Coding Certifications, Analytics, R Courses, Digital Learning, and Hands-on Coding

Introduction to Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRNs)
An introduction to practice-based research networks (PRBNs) including an overview, organization, functions, and ways to interact with PBRNs.
PBRNs, practice-based research networks, budget, organization, community activity board, collaboration, ASPN, WREN, PROS, PPRG, sentinel network
Professional Development Core

Research Development
Texas Tech University's Research Development Team walks through the steps needed for a successful concept paper, the Heilmeier Catechism, and tips for interacting with NIH/NSF program officers.
concept paper, heilmeier catechism, program officer, NIH, NSF, research, RFP, FOA,
Texas Tech University Research Development Team

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