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Defining & Determining Human Subjects Research
The Clinical Research Resources and Facilities Core (CRRFC) of the DaCCoTA reviews the definition of human subjects research, exceptions to regulations, and case studies.
human subjects, IRB, exempt, regulations, 45CFR 46,
Clinical Research Resources and Facilities Core (CRRFC)

Introduction to Grants Management
The University of South Dakota's Office of Sponsored Research and Grants Accounting in cooperation with the Dakota Community Collaborative on Translational Activity presented information on sponsored projects structure, budget management, audit requirements, cost principles (CFR 45), and case studies.
sponsored research, grant, budget, cost principles, allowability, allocability, reasonable, conformance, CFR 45, carryover, no-cost extension, fiscal year
Professional Development Core and University of South Dakota's Office of Research and Sponsored Projects and Grants Accounting

Strategies for Resubmitting Grant Proposals
The USD Office of Research & Sponsored Programs presents a panel discussion regarding strategies for proposal resubmission. The panel discusses ways to strengthen proposals for resubmission and suggestions on how to repackage proposals to submit to other sponsors.
resubmission, grant, proposal, score, strategies, NIH, NSF, private,
USD Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

NIH Scoring
Dr. Don Sens, Professor of Pathology at the University of South Dakota and Co-Director of the Professional Development Core, describes the NIH review process which includes scoring, percentiles, resubmission, and recent trends.
NIH, scoring, percentiles, overall impact, study section, resubmission, peer review, early stage investigator, A0, A1,
Professional Development Core

Understanding the New NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy
Anna Simonson, Health Sciences & Research Services Librarian at USD discusses the new NIH Data Management and Sharing policy and how it might impact you and your future research funding. Attached are sample policy statements and resources.
data management and sharing policy, NIH, research, data,
USD Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

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