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Introduction to Mentoring
An introduction to mentoring on topics such as the Matrix Mentoring Model, conflict resolution, mentor/mentee dialogue, mentoring models,
matrix mentoring model, mentoring, motivation, dialogue, conflict, models, roles, responsibilities,
Professional Development Core

Work/Life Balance
Work/life balance is a state of harmony between employment and personal obligations. In our era of technology, it can seem like we’re uncertain of boundaries, wondering when work ends and our personal lives begin. This can lead us to burnout. In this module, we’ll tackle topics that can allow you to achieve and maintain work/life balance.
relationship, balance, value, stress, goals, responsibility, accountability, organization, demands, priority,
Professional Development Core

Evaluating a Scientific Journal Article
The best way to write a research question is to peruse the scientific periodicals and find out where “your” science has been and where it needs to go as far as research is concerned. To that end, we’ll once again visit Tufts CTSI and visit with Lori Lyn Price, a statistician within the BERD Core.
journal, science, progression, advance, evaluation, article
Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Human Research Protection Training
OHRP offers a variety of free online trainings for the research community on human research protections based on the principles of the Belmont Report and the requirements of the revised Common Rule (or 2018 Requirements).
Considerations for Reviewing Human Subjects Research, Human Research Protection Foundational Training, human subjects, Common Rule, Belmont Report,
US Department of Health and Human Services Office for Human Research Protections

Research in Diverse Communities
The elimination of health and other disparities requires high quality and methodologically sound research on racial/ethnic minorities. The diversity of Indigenous communities in the Great Plains increases the urgency for research that addresses disparities. Existing research provides a compelling argument that findings based on predominately White samples may be insufficient for understanding other racial/ethnic minority groups. In order to generate impactful data on racial/ethnic minorities we must provide best practice training for new and current researchers.
research, diverse communities, American Indian, Indigenous, Great Plains, trauma, resilience, best practice,
Indigenous Trauma and Resilience Research Center

Radon in North Dakota
Short research talk on radon in North Dakota. This video was created by the UND BERD Core on behalf of DaCCoTA.
radon, research, epidemiology, health
Dr. Mark Williamson

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